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Without caving training you want to discover careers


There are a few questions you often ask yourself when you plan to come and explore the quarries when you have no caving diving training.



Can I come and dive in Saint Meme?

Yes of course, you can come and discover this sunken treasure!

You will be guided during your dives to safely discover the meanders of Saint Même les Carrières.
There are four places maximum per dive, the place is reserved for registration on the site.


What should be my minimum level?

To taste the atmosphere at best without damaging it, you must be at least level 2 and know how to stabilize perfectly. Indeed, there is no current in the career and if a diver leaves traces on the bottom, they will stay there.


What material should I take?

To dive under the ceiling you must have two bottles or a recycler with two safety blocks. For divers in open circuit, whether in Sidemout, with a bi connected or not, there is no importance. Come as you are, especially with the configuration you master. If you don't have a bi available, Aquatek has what you need. Report it when you register.

For the rest, it is mandatory to have three lamps capable of lighting you for the duration of the dive.

As the water is cold, the dry suit is strongly recommended, if you do not have one, the dive time is adapted to the isothermal quality of your clothes.


The launches are in the quarry, underground, therefore sheltered from the weather whatever the weather outside. By cons it is dark, the front is your friend.

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