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Caving training


A pair of palm, rather short and rigid

Wetsuit, waterproof recommended if wet, double bladder stabil

Your usual ballast

Your computer, compass, booklet or something to write

Two masks in front of you

Bi-bottle connected with insulator with rather tech stabil
Two regulators (din) on the right with a 2 meter hose mounted on the second floor, on the left with a pressure gauge and the direct-systems
Two cutting instruments: one for small wire cutters and one for larger pruning shears
Three reels, a very small one of about twenty meters to enter the cavity, a small emergency with at least 40 meters, a main with 60 meters of wire
Three arrows, three markers

Three lamps, one main with a narrow beam, two back-ups with also narrow beams and with an autonomy equal to the main, which has at least the autonomy of the planned dive.


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