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Resumption of diving is authorized within the limits of compliance with common sense rules to limit the sharing of our microbes:

- Do not come if you show signs of infection (see the medical questionnaire).

- On site always stand at least two meters from each other. You must avoid helping a colleague, do not stand in his axis and without spitting on him.

- In water, the pre-dive checklist is not done in front of each other.

- On the return, same thing, we do not spin or blow our nose in front of each other.

- Because of cardiac and pulmonary damage without major symptoms, diving in about twenty meters and under the ceiling is not without risk for those who have been infected with COVID19. Flash the QR code or click on the link to complete a medical questionnaire. In the event of a positive response to one of the clinical signs of the infection, a medical certificate will be required to come.

- On the day of the dive, repeat the questionnaire to avoid coming if you are possibly sick.



Come and discover Saint Quarry, even the quarries

On the Lot road, in the heart of the Grande Champagne and its famous Cognacs, Saint even les Carrières is a small town which divides its land between vineyards and limestone. The exploitation of limestone stopped in the 1970s. , the water table is infiltrated into the depths of the quarries. The estate is simply grand. There are a dozen hectares flooded for more than a hundred hectares of quarry called "lost pillar" in total.

To come and dive in Saint Quarries, just book your dive on the Boutik and send by email to " " the scan of your medical certificate and your level cards. The calendar is there . Do not hesitate to ask for the dates that suit you, we will do our best to please you.

You are not a caving diver, this page is made for you.

The meeting before the descent into the quarry is at 9:00 am at the café du center, the café which is at the top of the large village square.


Diving in Saint Même les Carrières



It is an underground site, so it is dark ... remember to take your headlamp and what to light around your car if you plan to spread out.
The air and water are fresh all year round, come covered ( dry suit recommended) with a good pair of gloves. For the water outlet, the fleece and the hat are required.

If you care about the cleanliness of your car, plan to protect your carpets, the lime dust once wet is tenacious.

The maximum depth is very reasonable, most dives are done on a bottom of 10 - 15 meters, however the space is substantial, the scooter is welcome.

The quarry has its inflation station. It is possible to re-inflate in the air, at 200b between your dives.




The topos were made in the 1990s, they must be completed on the parts that are not yet mapped and the threads of the time were replaced by the colored routes. Come back to see them, they complement each other at each exit.

The lower network

The upper network


Some historical photos of Saint Even the Quarries


They came to dive in Saint Même les Carrières



The midday meals are taken during the week at the café des quarries, convenient to walk there. On weekends you have to go to Cognac a few minutes by car.



Near the quarry, accustomed to receiving divers you will find

  • "Chez Anne" : bilingual English / French, for 4 people (2 bedrooms) maximum

  • at "Cul d'Anon" : it is possible to place a compressor without disturbing the neighborhood

A little further on the town there is also


All around Saint Even les Carrières, you will also find a large number of high quality airbnb , the land of Cognac requires.

In Segonzac, 5 minutes by car, a well-rated house used to receiving divers with a terrace to dry things: La Renardière


Calendar of outings and registration


The opening dates are noted in the calendar of outings . Once you have chosen a date, book your dive on the Boutik .

For special wishes, weekdays, evenings, contact us to agree on a date.


Your registration is confirmed upon receipt

  • Scan (image in .jpg .jpeg .png format) of your level card; your medical certificate valid on the day of the dive and your license or insurance; to send from the "My diving documents" page

  • The regulation of the dive (s) on the Boutik

  • Registration file to be completed below


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